Some of you may run Cardos and others run Sena, but this development might just put Sena up on the same playing field as Cardo in terms of sound quality. 

From the same parent company that brought us JBL, Sena announced its Quantum Series with Sound by Harman Kardon at EICMA 2021. Every product in the Quantum Series will include a set of all-new speakers and a microphone. Harman Kardon is known for providing some of the best audio equipment in the world, and now its signature sound can find its way into the helmets of motorcycle riders around the world. 

Sena launched their Mesh Intercom Systems, the 50S and 50R a few months back, and announced an HD speaker upgrade towards the end of September this year, but now this development will see an even better speaker upgrade for units like the 50S, 50R, the camera-equipped 50C, the Impulse modular smart helmet, and the full-face Stryker helmet. 

On top of all of that jazz, Sena is bundling in an extended warranty for the Quantum Series. In place of the standard warranty period, expect to get up to three years for the devices, and up to a five-year integrity warranty for the helmet and up to three years for the electronics inside. 

On the note of the price, the Quantum Series 50S and 50R will retail for $359 USD for the single packs, and $639 USD for the dual packs. Meanwhile, the camera-equipped 50C will retail for $499 USD. The helmets, on the other hand, will cost you even more. The Impulse is the pricier of the two at $599 USD, and the Stryker full-face will cost $549 USD. 

Sena stated that the Impulse modular smart helmet will launch first in December 2021, and the remaining products in the lineup will launch in early 2022.

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