Sena's latest generation of helmet communicators, the 50R and 50S headsets is now available for purchase. These new comm systems use Bluetooth 5 and Sena’s own updated Mesh 2.0 Intercom technology to improve audio quality and connectivity. 

From the outside, the new 50R and 50S don’t look that different from Sena’s existing product line. The 50R has a button interface, and the 50S has a jog dial interface. Both are designed to attach to the left side of a rider’s helmet.

However, there should be noticeable improvements in performance. Sena says the new devices charge more quickly, and have better speakers. The new Bluetooth 5 system allows four-way Bluetooth connection, and there’s voice-activated digital assistant access. There’s even a WiFi adapter that allows automated firmware updates, which should reduce frustration. 

The most important update is the new Mesh 2.0 Intercom system, which should have significantly more capability than previous Sena intercom systems. According to a company press release, Mesh 2.0 transfers up to 80 percent more data between headsets, meaning conversation audio quality is crisp and clear, and connection quality between headsets is improved. 

Mesh 2.0 also offers two new intercom modes, Multi-Channel Open Mesh Intercom and Group Mesh Intercom. Sena compares Multi-Channel Open Mesh mode to CB radio functionality. It allows users to switch between nine different channels, connecting to a “near-limitless number of users over a range of up to five miles. 

As the system depends on riders transmitting others’ audio, there must be at least a minimum of six riders at one-mile intervals for maximum transmission range. Riders can connect to this Open Mesh system with the single click of a button. Group Mesh mode limits users to a maximum of 24, for more private conversation. 

Sena’s very keen on the new Mesh 2.0 tech, and is making it standard across its line. As part of the rollout, Sena is releasing firmware updates of Mesh 2.0 to all current first-gen Sena Mesh Intercom products. On May 1, 2020, Sena 30K, Momentum EVO and +Mesh devices will be updated to the new Mesh 2.0 system at no charge.  

Of course, Sena would rather owners just bought new devices. For a limited time, the company is also offering 30K owners a discount on the new 50R and 50S devices. Regular pricing is $339 US for a single 50R or 50S communicator, $599 for a two-device set. They’re available right now at Sena’s website, and through some dealers. 

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