Sena has recently made some tweaks to its modular helmet to provide a more comfortable and seamless riding experience. First launched in June 2020, the Outrush featured a built-in communicator in a flip-up modular helmet. Priced at a super affordable $199, it was definitely an enticing prospect, but it left a lot to be desired.

That said, Sena has tweaked the Outrush and has now launched the Outrush R, a similar modular helmet which Sena claims to be smarter, safer, and more comfortable. While it continues to miss out on Sena's mesh communicator technology, it does get a few tweaks which make it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable helmet with built-in comms. It makes use of a Bluetooth 5.0 communicator integrated into the helmet's construction. This eliminates the need for wires, speakers, and a microphone snaking around underneath the helmets liner.

Sena states that the intercom system, speakers, and microphone are all integrated into the helmet's construction in such a way that they don't compromise the comfort and aerodynamics of the lid in any way whatsoever. Just like Sena's standalone communicators, the Outrush R gets seamless smartphone connectivity which enables riders to automatically listen to music, receive GPS information, and receive phone calls while aboard their motorbikes. The Outrush R's Bluetooth 5.0 comms system allows calls between four participants, with a claimed range of up to 900 meters. 

Sena Launches New Outrush R Smart Modular Helmet

The Outrush R now makes use of noise-cancelling software which filters out road noise and wind noise, thereby providing richer sound for your music and voice calls. It promises a total of 12 hours of talk time, and a charging time of around 2.5 hours. On the safety side of things, the Sena Outrush R holds a double homologation DOT and ECE certification. This means it can be worn while riding with the chin bar flipped open as a three-quarters helmet. Creature comforts include an internal sun visor, and a removable internal lining made of breathable fabric.

As expected in a techie modular helmet, the Sena Outrush R is on the heavier side of the spectrum tipping the scales at 1,730 grams. It's a tad more expensive than the old Outrush, too, and now costs $259 USD. For the price, it's definitely a good deal considering the convenience it presents itself with. It's just a shame that it misses out on some of the other tech features found in Sena's more premium comms systems. 

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