Nolan, a premium helmet manufacturer from Italy, is known the world over for offering an extensive array of lids for a variety of purposes. From performance-oriented sportbike helmets under its X-Lite brand, to its street, adventure, and dual-sport models, Nolan's lids offer an awesome balance between price and features.

In fall of 2020, Nolan discontinued one of its popular modular helmets, the N90-2, and launched its new and improved successor, the N90-3. While sporting a similar style to that of the N90-2, the N90-3 features an all-new construction and inner liner. Now conforming to the ECE 22.06 safety standard, the N90-3 retains its Lexan polycarbonate outer shell, albeit incorporates a wider field of view into its design. The visor, too, is now easier to remove and replace via a quick-release system, and is also equipped with an anti-fog Pinlock screen. A quick-release micrometric chin makes it easy to wear the helmet in a matter of seconds.

Nolan Launches New N90-3 Modular Lid With Driller Livery

As is the case with most modular helmets, the N90-3 is ideal for sport-touring and general street use. If you plan on using this helmet on a sportbike with a semi, or even fully tucked position, you can expect it to be rather uncomfortable and noisier than that of a dedicated sportbike lid. That said, however, you'll never need to worry about the chin bar accidentally opening at speed, as the N90-3 features a double action mechanism in order to flip the chin bar open. Adequate ventilation is provided by Nolan's Air Booster system, designed to keep the rider cool and comfy even in hot summer weather. 

The latest addition to Nolan's N90-3 modular helmet range comes in the form of the new Driller graphic colorways. The N90-3 already sports thoroughly modern styling, however, the Driller gives it an even more futuristic aesthetic. The Driller livery is available in four color options—black and gray, black and white, black and red, and black and yellow. It's compatible with Nolan's latest range of proprietary N-Com motorcycle communicators, too, further adding to this lid's practical usability on a daily basis. The Nolan N90-3 is priced at a reasonable 349.99 Euros, or the equivalent of $413 USD.

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