French gear and apparel maker Helstons is known for its sleek, understated, and retro-style riding gear. A favorite among the café racer crowd, Helstons’ gear, particularly its jackets and gloves, usually employ minimalist styling and stellar fit and finish—hence the rather steep price tag. It appears that Helstons is becoming more adventurous when it comes to its palette, as it has just launched a graphic retro glove, the Kustom.

The new Kustom leather gloves bring a dash of originality into the Helstons model range, and are a sharp departure from the company’s otherwise minimalist, understated design language. Helstons drew inspiration from the visual styling found in the tattoo world in designing the Kustom gloves, particularly that of the American biker culture which proliferated in the 1970s. Helstons has launched the Kustom gloves in three colorways—black, beige, and gold. Each colorway features its own unique pattern, as well.

French Gear Manufacturer Helstons Launches Kustom Leather Gloves

Other than the polarizing design, the Helstons Kustom leather gloves are rather simple, no-frills gloves which offer comfort and safety. Constructed from a soft and comfortable full-grain goat leather, the gloves incorporate a stretch-fabric section and perforated leather inserts on the fingers for a snug, comfortable fit. Given the fact that Helstons has opted for thinner, lighter weight materials for this short-cuff glove, it’s clear that the Kustom has been designed as a summer glove.

As such, the Kustom doesn’t offer as much outright protection as other heavier duty options in the market. It doesn’t come with a protective shell around the knuckles. However, it does get a reinforced palm with aramid fibers to resist abrasion and tearing. It offers smartphone operability via a tactile insert on the index finger, making it a practical option for those looking for a stylish glove for commuting purposes. The Helstons Kustom gloves are available from size 8 to 13, and cost 54 Euros, or the equivalent of $64 USD.

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