Want a touring-friendly smart helmet that’s reasonably well equipped but won’t break the bank? If so, you’re in luck, because Sena just introduced a new entry-level modular smart helmet, the Outrush. While it features a reduced suite of features, as befits its status as the new, low-cost kid on the block, it still comes with a respectable list of gadgets.

The Outrush has a Bluetooth-enabled two-way high-def that connects riders at ranges of up to a half-mile. The intercom system also allows mobile device pairing, allowing riders to stream music through their smartphone, or take calls, hear GPS turn-by-turn navigation, and more. There’s also FM radio capability, with ability to save 10 pre-set stations. Riders can control the intercom with a jog dial on the side of the helmet. The battery is supposed to be good for 15 hours of talk time.

That’s more functionality than a standard motorcycle helmet, but it doesn’t offer anything that Sena’s comm sets don’t already have. In fact, Sena’s latest-generation 50R and 50S communicators have the more advanced Mesh 2.0 communications system, and some helmets from Sena’s Momentum full-face helmet line also have built-in video cameras and in-helmet noise cancellation. The Outrush is low on features compared to some of the company’s other products.

It’s convenient, though, and cheap. The comm system comes built into the helmet’s shell, so when you buy it, you charge the helmet up (three hours charge time), and you’re ready to go. There’s no faffing about, running wires through the lining and trying to attach internal speakers. Pricing is excellent, too; Sena lists the Outrush at $199 USD, far less than its latest-gen comm sets. Considering you’re getting a comm system and a helmet for two C-notes, that’s an outstanding MSRP.

The helmet is only DOT-rated, with an ABS shell, but does have an internal drop-down sunshade, quick-ratchet chin strap, and the flip-up front. All in all, you might not be getting the latest carbon-fiber vaporware smart helmet with HUD, but you are getting an affordable helmet with practical features. That’s far better than spending $200 as a down payment for a much nicer helmet that never arrives.

The Sena Outrush comes in sizes small through extra large, and is available in Matte Black or Glossy White.

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