During the summer months, many motorcyclists prioritize lightweight gear with increased airflow. While that equates to mesh/textile apparel and breathable gloves and boots, most full-face helmets can only deliver limited ventilation. That’s when modular helmets step in, providing the coverage and protection of a full-face lid with the airflow of a three-quarter helmet.

Caberg’s Levo model ticks the boxes in both configurations, achieving both P/J homologation standards under ECE regulations and a four-star Sharp rating. Even when the chin bar is in the locked position, the two front air inlets, built-in channels, and two rear air extractors funnel ample air through the helmet. Of course, the rider receives the most ventilation in the three-quarter configuration. However, the hypoallergic liner is removable and washable, perfect for users encountering warmer conditions and extended journeys.


With the chin bar locked in, the ultra-wide, panoramic visor not only delivers excellent lateral vision but also increases vertical visibility with a tall eye-port. The included Pinlock Vision Max insert preserves that extra visibility by minimizing fogging and the integrated sunshade visor is easily actuated with Caberg’s DVT Double Visor technology.

The Levo also accommodates Caberg’s JUST SPEAK EVO comm unit with dedicated space for the microphone and speakers. With the small shell size covering the XS-M and the large shell size accounting for L-XXL, the Levo should fit a wide range of riders. Features such as the double anti-turbulence neck roll, removable wind stop, and micrometric buckle should also help users adjust the modular to their personal preferences.

Caberg offers the Levo in solids for €399.95 ($369 USD) while graphics like the Flow and Prospect retail for €439.95 ($515 USD). While the standard Levo range sports a fiberglass shell, the Carbon 888 variant boasts a carbon fiber shell and a €489.95 ($574 USD) price tag.

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