Motorcycle comms are one of those things which you never thought you'd need when out for a ride, but once you've tried them, you never want to ride without them. While there are many brands out there encompassing a wide range of budgets, there's no denying the Sena was one of the pioneers in the intercom game. These days however, other big players such as Cardo, with its revolutionary Packtalk, have blasted ahead of the competition. 

To address this, Sena has upgraded its entire lineup of communicators with HD speakers in order to compete with Cardo's ultra-premium JBL speakers that come standard in all Packtalks. It started out with Sena's 50-series, trickled down to its 30K comms, and now, HD speakers are being included as standard kit in the Sena 20S EVO, as well. These HD speakers, Sena claims, have been designed to deliver a listening experience “optimized for boosted performance in volume, bass, and clarity.” This, I assume, translates to even better sound quality, particularly when used in Intercom mode—something I personally find lacking with older Senas. 

As far as the actual HD speakers are concerned, Sena doesn't disclose the supplier or name brand of the new speakers. It does, however, promise "superior audio performance", highlighting improvements to volume optimization, bass, and sound clarity. Furthermore, users can now tweak the speakers' settings via a built-in equalizer in the Sena Utility App, which can be accessed via Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. Perhaps the best part about the new HD speakers, apart of course from the improved sound quality, is that they've been redesigned to fit helmets more easily and provide a more comfy fit to your ears, thanks to new beveled edges. 

At this point, it's important to note that the new Sena 20S EVO is currently only available through Sena's official website. The improved product has yet to make its way to Sena's retail partners. Having said that, I, for one, am definitely looking forward to experiencing Sena's new HD speakers. Having been a diehard Sena user in the past, I was swayed by Cardo's ease-of-use and far superior audio quality. Only time will tell if Sena's new HD speaker setup can match Cardo's JBL speakers. 

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