CAKE has propelled itself into stardom across the European market thanks to its innovative technological and design innovations in the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) sphere. It started with the Ösa, an extremely versatile utilitarian scooter which incorporates a modular design. Alongside the Ösa is the Kalk range of electric enduro bikes, which has gone on to pave the way for electric off-road racing with its own racing series. 

On September 1, 2021, CAKE unveiled its newest creation to the world, the Makka electric scooter. Serving as CAKE's first foray into the entry-level segment, the Makka is the most affordable two-wheeler in CAKE's model range, fetching the equivalent of $3,800 USD. Now, just a little over one week after the Makka's launch, CAKE has unveiled a special edition version of the scooter in partnership with Polestar, an electric car manufacturer the company has had ties with for more than a year now. 

CAKE And Polestar Release Limited Edition Makka Electric Scooter

The collaboration between the two bikes specifically for the Makka has resulted in not just a limited-edition scooter, but some nifty integration with the Polestar 2 electric car, as well. You see, the two companies have developed a special tow-bar attachment which has been designed to carry the Makka and transport it to the city and ridden there. To make things even better, the Makka can be charged via a compatible charging port found on the Polestar 2.

“The Makka – Polestar edition by CAKE is the next step in our partnership with CAKE and a great solution to address broader mobility challenges. The lightweight moped is connected to the Polestar 2 allowing it to be charged via the car, ready to drive in both urban and rural areas,” highlighted Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. This feature is extremely relevant in many European cities which are slowly transitioning to car-free urban environments. That way, individuals living in the suburbs can drive up to the edge of the city center, unload the Makka, and carry on aboard the scooter within the confines of the city. 

The special edition scooter, meanwhile, sets itself apart from the standard Makka via a myriad of unique styling cues such as a slimmer headlight, Öhlins rear monoshock, and blacked out details. The limited-edition scooter also boasts a special Polestar Snow finish on the frame and battery cover. Lastly, subtle Polestar branding can be found on the scooter's swingarm. 

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