A lot of us had our first taste of two-wheeled excitement when we were little, likely aboard a kids-specific dirt bike. Back then, however, those machines were little more than kids bicycles with a tiny gasoline motor strapped on to the frame. These days, however, kids have the option to start out on a Factory Racing edition machine of one of the world’s most respected off-road manufacturers. Man, kids these days really get it all, don’t they?

KTM Rolls Out 2022 50 SX Factory Edition

That’s right, KTM has just launched the 2022 version of the KTM SX 50 Factory Edition—a kids-specific competition-level dirt bike that will put some budget-oriented, full-grown enduro machines to shame. Mind you, however, if you’re looking to get your kid into the sport of motocross, you may want to look elsewhere as this bike packs quite a punch, making it ideal for children who are looking to enter the competitive arena of motocross. It’s equipped with a range of premium components from the same companies responsible for propelling KTM to international racing success, such as suspension from WP, and an exhaust system from FMF.

According to KTM’s press release, the KTM 50 SX Factory Edition “gives the perfect first taste of the performance, capabilities and possibilities that run through the entire KTM SX range.” The 50cc two-stroke engine features a high-performance single-cylinder setup paired with a free-flowing exhaust system from FMF. Meanwhile, the 50 SX Factory Edition boasts a high-strength, lightweight chromoly chassis which offers the perfect balance of longitudinal stability and torsional rigidity, offering a compliant, performance-oriented ride, perfect for when the little ones tackle aggressive switchbacks and massive jumps.

KTM Rolls Out 2022 50 SX Factory Edition

For kids who wish to take their competition to a whole new level, KTM is offering a factory graphics kit as an optional accessory for the 50 SX Factory Edition. Complete with the iconic orange and dark blue colorway of the KTM and Red Bull collaboration, kids can hit the track looking and feeling just like their motocross heroes. So, parents, with Christmas just a few months away, it may be time to upgrade your kids’ off-road racing machine. The KTM 50 SX Factory Edition is now available with the complete technical specifications and options available on KTM’s website linked below.

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