Customers didn't even wait five minutes after the pre-order announcement of the Austrian brand. KTM's newest entry into the supersport market was limited to only a hundred units in the world. On July 22, 2021, the books were opened and subsequently closed in what looks like record time. 

KTM's only supersport that's available for the general market is the RC 390, but once the market caught wind of the RC 8C, it's safe to say that they acted as fast as the bike itself because all one-hundred units were accounted for in just 4 minutes and 32 seconds. 

As a dedicated track bike, it's definitely not something that you would take out on a normal Sunday ride—unless your Sunday ride involves dragging a knee at your local track.  


In place of more road-going amenities, you get a set of race-prepped fairings complete with winglets. Of course, being a top-tier KTM product, it gets a motor from the legendary LC8 family. What powers the RC 8C is the same motor found in the KTM 890 Duke R, which produces 120 horsepower, and also thanks to its dedicated tubular steel frame, it tips the scales at just 309 pounds (140 kilograms). 

Being a track-ready, and track-only motorcycle, it comes with top-tier componentry for going fast. KTM has even stated that it will require a specialist race team to maintain its supersport. Lucky customers that were able to put in their order will be able to enjoy a titanium Akrapovic exhaust, WP APEX PRO suspension for the front and rear, Brembo brakes—of course, and aluminum Dymag wheels. 

As we covered in a previous article, twenty-five of the hundred customers will get a chance to join the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test team and participate in a one-time event to play with the RC 8C in the presence of Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio. On top of that, the selected few will get spare wheels, brake discs, tire warmers, and a KTM race carpet—talk about lucky! 

The other seventy-five customers that were able to secure a unit are far from unlucky. Ponying up $38,999 USD for a track-only bike isn't easy, and the task of scoring one out of a hundred units is indeed a tall order. 

However, desperate would-be owners could still make the cut. KTM released a waiting list just in case someone from the original hundred backs out—if someone does. 

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