In November, 2021, Yamaha introduced the latest-generation MT-07. To align with the current MT family aesthetic, the middleweight naked bike earned a cyclopic headlight like its MT-09 and MT-03 relatives. Aside from minor revisions to the brakes, tires, and display, the Euro 5-compliant CP2 engine highlighted the 2021 model. While the new MT-07 is a welcome member of the family, many folks are still attached to the previous generation.

For that reason, Exan Exhaust presents a suite of aftermarket exhaust options for Yamaha’s consummate wheelie machine. Established in 1996 in Italy’s Lombardy region, the brand offers full exhaust systems for sportbikes, nakeds, supermotos, classic motorcycles, and even custom builds. Luckily, Exan’s MT-07 lineup is a cinch to fit and includes eight total options for a diverse range of riders.

Each Exan system includes a 2-into-1 header, catalyst, and slip-on silencer. The fitting kit provides the springs, screws, and brackets for installation along with EC homologation papers. While the exhausts share the same base, customers can customize the silencer to suit their preferences.


Starting with the Carbon Oval Cap model, Exan offers the silencer in carbon fiber, titanium, steel, and black stainless steel. Despite the different materials on offer, the full system exhaust remains €607.50 ($714 USD) no matter which finish you choose. Of course, each exhaust can includes the titular oval carbon fiber tip.

The X-Black Oval exhaust shares several attributes with the Carbon Oval Cap, but the rhomboid-shaped exhaust tip gives it a bit more distinction. Customers can choose a satin stainless steel with the X-Black Oval. However, the exhaust also boasts the same black stainless steel, titanium, and carbon found on the Carbon Oval Cap. Listed at €616.50 ($725 USD), the rhomboid-capped system is only slightly more expensive than its oval-shaped counterpart.

No matter which Exan exhaust you prefer, both systems fit 2017-2020 MT-07s, shave 8.8 pounds off the stock unit, and come with a 24-month warranty. Leveraging the stock lambda sensors, the exhausts also maintain the naked bike’s Euro 4-compliance. Yamaha may have released a new-generation MT-07 in 2021, but Exan’s exhaust systems prove that’s there’s lots of life left in the previous generate yet.

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