If you weren’t already excited enough about the new 2021 Yamaha MT-09, Team Blue has good news for you! For those MT fans wanting just a little slicker package, Yamaha just introduced the MT-09 SP. As you’d expect, there’s more to it than just aesthetics. 

The MT-09 SP is powered by the same 890cc, Euro 5-compliant inline triple. The SP still also gets the quick shifter, A&S clutch, ABS, and electronic rider aids found on the regular MT-09. What’s different? 

As you might expect, the SP gets an upgraded suspension. It comes with a premium KYB inverted front fork treated with DLC coating and full adjustability, which has separate adjusters for both high and low-speed compression damping and rebound. In the rear, the SP gets a fully adjustable Öhlins shock. The SP also gets an anodized brushed aluminum swingarm.  

2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP Parked City View
2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP Ohlins Shock

The other big news about the SP is cruise control, which isn’t present on the regular MT-09. If you’re going at least 31 mph and in fourth gear or higher, you can switch it on. It’s the kind of feature that’s maybe not a dealmaker or –breaker, but it’s definitely nice to have if you’ve already decided you want what else the SP has to offer. 

Gallery: 2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP

As you may already have noticed, the SP comes in one exclusive colorway for 2021, called Icon Performance. It’s meant as a visual tie-in to the R1M, but you probably didn’t need me to tell you that if Yamaha’s designers did their job. It also comes with some nice contrast stitching on the saddle as an added little touch to make the styling just a little more special.  

What does the SP cost? Pricing will vary by region, but U.S. MSRP is $10,999, which is $1,600 more than the base 2021 MT-09. If you’re interested, Yamaha says the SP will start rolling into showrooms around the world in March, 2021.  

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