SOLID EV Rides is a Netherlands-based EV startup with quite a few radical electric motorcycle concepts in its repertoire. Previously known as NXT Motors, the company was established in 2016, and has since changed its name to SOLID EV Rides. Needless to say, it indeed has some solid offerings which I'm certain will make waves in the rapidly growing performance-oriented EV market. 

SOLID EV Unveils First Production-Ready CRS-01 Electric Motorcycle

In a story published by electric motorcycle news website, The PACK, SOLID EV Rides has recently unveiled its newest production ready machine. Dubbed the CRS-01, this electric motorcycle features truly radical styling highlighted by massive boxy bodywork, underneath which resides the bike's battery pack and electric powertrain. Prior to the CRS-01, SOLID EV, then known as NXT Motors, unveiled a concept bike called the RAGE, at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht in February 2019. The CRS-01 is an even more radical concept, and is truly unlike anything we've ever seen before. 

In The PACK's article, David Backx, marketing manager of SOLID EV Rides was quoted saying, “We call it ‘Legitimately Rebellious’ – a fully electric, environmentally friendly motorbike that does not compromise on badass qualities like power, speed and torque. We guarantee our customers a great experience.” At the moment, the exact specifications of the new electric motorcycle have yet to be revealed. However, SOLID EV is accepting bookings for test rides via its official website linked at the bottom of this story. 

SOLID EV Unveils First Production-Ready CRS-01 Electric Motorcycle

SOLID EV states that the CRS-01 is pretty much a production-ready model. However, the company will still run a few more tests to really perfect the bike, and make it a performance-oriented EV that can stand the test of time. Once all these kinks are ironed out, we can expect SOLID EV to reveal the bike's official specifications, and eventually launch the bike in the European market. 

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