It is certainly going to take a while for all of the electric motorcycle companies to shake out, but while we are in this revolution let’s just sit back and enjoy the show for a little while, shall we?

NXT has launched their electric motorcycle, dubbed “Rage.” That might not be such an auspicious name for a little electric bike from a company that comes right out and calls it a commuter first and foremost. Or maybe it's just really good target marketing.

While details are thin, and they always are just ahead of a launch like this, we do at least get some interesting photographs of the one or two concept bikes NXT has built to date. We know a couple of things about the bike. It’s fully electric, it’s going to be marketed as a commuter (so the mileage will likely not be impressive), it has an upright riding position, it’s Belgian…

OK there are also clues in the photos, like the carbon fiber goodies (though, there is a high likelihood those won’t make it on production models to keep costs down), a monoshock out back and traditional forks up front. There are two brake discs up front with double piston calipers and one out back with a single piston. It’s got a chain final drive, bars not clipons, a single naked headlight, and something akin to Tesla’s iPad-glued-to-the-dashboard style of instrument panel.

NXT Rage 1

The body styling is a bit on the boring, blobby side but that’s common on electric bikes. We either stare at the vast blank uninteresting expanse of an electric motor, or we stare at the vast blank uninteresting expanse of all the plastic that covers it. Very few builders have made a sexy bike that plugs in, and this one is no exception, all of its marketing-speak notwithstanding (“where raw meets rage!”).

There are exactly no published numbers for this bike yet. We don’t know what it weighs or its charge time or range or anything. If you are lucky enough to live near Utrecht, the Netherlands, though, you can attend what looks like a real killer of a motorcycle show this weekend (dubbed “MotorBeurs” which roughly translates to “motor fellowship” but probably means something way more interesting in Dutch). The NXT Rage will be there in all its blobby concept glory.

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