The KTM 890 Adventure is a great all-around adventurer. Unlike the off-road-biased R variant, the standard trim prioritizes adventure touring over rough and tumble trail riding. KTM equipped the 890 Adventure to pound the pavement but it doesn’t offer a very extensive luggage or crash protection catalog. To help fill that gap, SW-Motech launched a full suite of bolt-on components for the middleweight ADV.

Starting with the luggage, SW-Motech gives customers multiple systems to choose from. For the long haulers, the Pro Carrier system accommodates the TRAX ADV aluminum cases. The luggage boasts 45 liters of carrying capacity on the left, but the right side reduces to 37 liters due to the exhaust. Those on extra-long trips can also add an extra 36 liters of storage space with the TRAX ADV top case.

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If you prefer a sportier look, the Aero ABS Plastic cases fit the brief and offer 50 liters (25 liters each) of capacity. Those looking for more custom options should turn to SW-Motech's SysBag line. The modular system offers everything from individual 10-liter bags up to 60-liter sets. For moderate excursions, the SLC carriers accept the brand’s Legend Gear bags and Urban ABS side cases. If that still isn’t enough storage for your adventures, the Pro or Strapped tank bags should do the trick.

Of course, adventure bikes are known to tip over from time to time, and SW-Motech offers a full range of for the new KTM. To guard the 890 Adventure’s low-slung fuel cells, SW-Motech fashioned a comprehensive crash bar from 27mm steel tubing. The 4mm aluminum engine guard and an assortment of handguards only add to the protection. SW-Motech also offers GPS mounts, Evo footpegs, and brake pedal extensions to outfit the cockpit for the open road.

KTM’s 890 Adventure is a great all-arounder, but with SW-Motech's help, it stands as one of the most versatile platforms on the market.

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