The smaller Triumph Tiger recently grew up, from 800 to 900, and an all-new wrapper. We put it to the test in Morocco and were thoroughly impressed. A new bike requires new accessories, and SW-Motech has stepped up to the plate with a full range of bolt-on bits for the Tiger 900.

As befitting any adventure bike, a full range of luggage is available, including side and top cases, tank bags, and mounting hardware for all of them. Four different size tank bags, in both the Pro and Evo ranges, are available depending on your needs and preferences, all of which use the same mounting ring for interchangeability. The Evo tank bags are available in optional powered versions, containing USB and cigarette lighter plugs.

Full sets of hard, tough adventure luggage are available in silver and black. If your adventures are more the urban variety, the Urban top case should fit your needs, either mounted to its own custom rack or strapped to the seat itself. Soft Sysbags are also available in various sizes to fit your needs.

It's not all about the storage, though. SW-Motech also offers a 4 mm thick sump guard to protect your oil pan from rocks and other solid objects. Crash bars, as well as front and rear frame sliders and a chain guard are available to provide even more protection. If the stock lighting isn't enough for you, SW-Motech offers two versions of auxiliary lights, one that attaches to their crash bars and another that bolts to the bike itself.

The Tiger 900 does not come with a center stand, which reduces ground clearance. For riders who prefer to have one, SW-Motech will hook you up. They even have handlebar risers and mirror extensions for the little Tiger. It seems that SW-Motech has thought of everything you need to outfit your Tiger 900 exactly the way you want it.

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