BMW unveiled the new F 900 XR and F 900 R at EICMA 2019 to the delight of many Beemer boys. While both bikes target different audiences with distinct styling and suspension setups, the two models share the same 893cc parallel-twin, steel bridge frame, wheelset, and electronics suite.

The twin twins obviously share a lot of traits, but at the same time, they’re unique in their own special way (cue afterschool special music). When SW-Motech set out to create a line of touring accessories for the new naked and sport tourer, the German company knew the parts needed to suit the aims of each middleweight.

Tank bags are some of the easiest travel cases one can purchase. Easy mounting, and even easier access, allow riders to pack fundamentals and without breaking the bank. SW-Motech makes sure that F 900 owners can pick the perfect size tank bag for them with capacities ranging from three liters to 20 liters. Both the R and the XR share options like the Micro, Enduro, and Trial tank bag in SW-Motech's range.

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For those that take longer trips and pack down more gear, the Rauschenberg-based firm has you covered as well. With the PRO side carrier system, the F 900 XR gains a host of luggage options from SW-Motech's lineup. From the TRAX ADV and Ion aluminum cases to the soft SysBag system to the AERO ABS plastic cases, adventures can pack anywhere between 15 liters to 90 liters of supplies.

If you prefer traveling on the F 900 R, SW-Motech's SLC carrier bracket. Featuring quick mounting, the compact Urban ABS plastic side cases and robust, 42 liter-capacity BLAZE saddlebags give R riders a great a la carte menu for carting their belongings to faraway lands.

Of course, for those on the road, you can’t let a small spill (or two) ruin the trip of a lifetime. SW-Motech knows how important crash protection is and they shaped each engine guard to fit the specific fairings of the F 900 R and F 900 XR. Accounting for all possibilities, the aftermarket company also offers frame sliders, a center stand, extended side stand, and adjustable footrests.

Regardless of what twin you pick, you can be sure that SW-Motech's accessories will accentuate the individuality of your R or XR.


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