The rear brake can be a controversial topic among motorcyclists. Cruiser fans will swear by rear-end stopping force while some sportbike faithful neglect it completely. However, one discipline heavily relies on the binders out back and that’s riders. Dedicated dirt bikes typically tuck the brake pedal closer to the engine case and modern ADVs tend to follow that cue.

While adopting dirt bike ergonomics is sound logic, the position and undersized pedal platform don't always deliver. Whether it’s difficult to locate in a panic situation or lacking progression and feel, a poor rear brake pedal can mean the difference between a good day in the dirt or a bad one. To improve the safety and efficiency of adventure bike rear brakes, SW-Motech is expanding its brake pedal extension offerings to BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, and Ducati owners.

Gallery: SW-Motech Brake Pedal Extension

Already available for 990, 1050, and 1090-based KTMs, the brand’s existing brake pedal extension not only widens and lengthens the platform but also raises the contact point to the rider’s preference. The toothed carrier features a stepped system that provides a 5mm height adjustability. Users can choose the lower 22mm setting or raise the height to 27mm.

Thanks to the raised contact surface, riders can easily angle their foot to locate the brake pedal quickly. Trapper teeth also ensure grip in the most challenging conditions. The combination of high-strength milled aluminum alloy, stainless steel step plates, and black anodized surfaces will also take on anything the trail has in store.

SW-Motech's brake pedal extensions retail for $103.95 and will be available for the following motorcycles:

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