Long before breaking into the global spotlight, Royal Enfield had been dominating the Indian market for several years, undisturbed by the outside world. The motorcycle manufacturer continues making barebones motorcycles which are loved thanks to their simplicity and undeniable charm. When Royal Enfield launched the 650 Twins in the global market, it turned out that the whole world shared the same love for these classic-styled machines. 

With the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 seeing success in recent months, Royal Enfield seems to have struck a goldmine in the entry-level segment. The bike was so well received that it even found its way into the U.S. market—a feat which, make of it what you will, has yet to be achieved by the Honda H'Ness CB350. That said, despite the success of the Meteor 350, RE isn't resting on its laurels. With quite an impressive fleet of new and updated motorcycles in its roster, Royal Enfield seeks to continue shaking up the motorcycle market, both in India, and the rest of the world. 

All that being said, the Chennai-based company is expected to roll out an all-new version of the bike which, quite possibly, was responsible for propelling the company into stardom in the Asian market—the Classic 350. Now, I know what you're thinking, why relaunch the Classic 350, if it's just going to compete with the Meteor 350. Well, for now, it would appear that the new Classic 350 will be an India-only release. Given the nostalgia and heritage that this particular model holds, it's clear to see why it could continue to be a popular option, especially in the Indian market. 

While the official specs and details of the upcoming classic-styled street bike have yet to be revealed, several details have been leaked, and subsequently covered by our friends at the various motoring publications in India. We already know that the new bike will feature a revised chassis, as well as the same engine found in the Meteor. As is the case with Royal Enfield's existing lineup, we can also expect to see several color options for the upcoming Classic 350. But perhaps, the most exciting feature on the new bike is its completely redesigned instrument cluster.

A video posted on YouTube by Sagar Patel gives us a closeup of the redesigned instrument cluster complete with a new speedometer, two trip meters, and the inclusion of Royal Enfield's nifty Tripper Navigation system—something we're beginning to see in its newly updated machines. As far as pricing is concerned, reports suggest that the new Classic 350 could start at Rs. 1.80 lakh, or the equivalent of $2,400 USD. 

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