The American motorcycle market is known for demanding primarily big, heavy, V-twin cruisers. When Royal Enfield announced the Meteor 350 in November, 2020, a U.S. version wasn’t a foregone conclusion. So, many were surprised when the brand announced European and North American models just days following the unveiling. Now, the 2021 Meteor 350 is set to touch down at U.S. dealerships in May, 2021.

Featuring a 349cc, single-cylinder engine, the Meteor will produce 20.2 horsepower and 19 lb-ft of torque. The air/oil-cooled thumper will retain the charming grumble that’s so synonymous with Royal Enfield, but a balancer shaft mitigates excessive vibes in favor of enjoyable cruising. The 30.1-inch seat height and 421-pound curb weight caters to beginners and the inseam-challenged but doesn’t exclude experienced riders.

“The Meteor 350 is a perfect balance of fun and style for any rider,” said Royal Enfield Americas Marketing and Communications Lead Breeann Poland. “Riders will have the opportunity to choose the Meteor 350 in three model trims: the Fireball, the Stellar, and the Supernova, each with its own unique personality and styling.”

Gallery: 2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350

With an assortment of paint and finish options, the Meteor lineup should suit a wide range of riders. The Fireball trim features yellow and red liveries and opts for black finishes. The Stellar variant comes in blue, black, and burgundy paint schemes and adds touches of chrome to the package. The flagship Supernova variant refines the formula with two-toned blue and brown paint jobs, and the touring-capable model also benefits from a windscreen, pillion pad, and backrest.

No matter the trim, the Meteor’s budget-friendly MSRP should be a welcome sight for cruiser fans as well. The Fireball storms in at $4,399, the Stellar only elevates the price to $4,499, and the Supernova expands the MSRP to $4,599. Further sweetening the deal, each variant receives Royal Enfield’s turn-by-turn Tripper navigation system.

Considering Honda’s Rebel 300 carries a price tag of $4,599, Royal Enfield’s aggressive pricing should set the stage for an epic showdown when the Meteor 350 ships to U.S. dealers in May, 2021. Yes, the American motorcycle market likes big, heavy, V-twin cruisers, but the Meteor 350 may have something to say about that in the near future.

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