In southwestern Turkey, there’s a breathtaking place called Pamukkale. It almost looks like something out of a dream due to calcite residue from thermal spring water flows over time. In 1980, the Supreme Council for Antiquities and Monuments named Hierapolis-Pamukkale as a first-degree natural and archaeological site. By 1988, it was officially named as a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

So, why are we telling you all about this beautiful place? We want you to know what you’re seeing when you watch paragliding motorcycle daredevil Hasan Kaval fly over Pamukkale in this video. The whole thing almost doesn’t look real, but that uncanny appearance is apparently quite natural for the mineral forests and petrified waterfalls in the area. 

Kaval is a Turkish professional tandem paraglider who likes putting videos of his exploits on YouTube. One day, he thought it would be a great idea to take his action cam on an unforgettable motorcycle flight over Pamukkale. So, quite naturally, he built and installed a propeller on the back of his bike before takeoff. That way, he could more easily control the bike in the air, as well as on land. 

Friends will help you build up that little 50cc motorcycle you picked up from some random guy on Craigslist, but real friends will also help you make that motorcycle fly. In his capacity as a professional paraglider, Kaval has flown and shot video while doing all kinds of things, including sleeping in a bed while it’s super high in the air. Where would we be as a society without daredevils like Kaval, I ask you? 

Of course, there’s probably little to no expectation that a bed is going to keep moving once it lands back on the ground. How about this bike? Thanks to Kaval’s expertise, he managed to glide the bike back down and only step out a little bit on the dirt. His friends were there to help pull in the parachute strings after he landed, so the whole experience stayed well in hand the entire time.  

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