Last year, Pursang Motorcycles unveiled the E-Track electric motorcycle. Designed as a retro-inspired flat-tracker/ scrambler, the E-Track is finally production-ready, with the first few units of the bike making their way to the E-Center Showroom in Helmond, The Netherlands.

Designed and manufactured by Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Pursang, the E-Tracks is undoubtedly an elegantly designed machine. As we can see from the production model shared by our friends at The PACK, the bike departs from the sharp and angular bodywork which has become a common sight among futuristic electric two-wheelers, Pursang decided to adopt a more minimalist, retro-inspired styling which resembles that of a flat-tracker, or a modern-day interpretation of a scrambler. Underneath the skin, the Pursang E-Track is no rinky-dinky e-bike. It's a motorcycle through and through. 

Pursang E-Track Electric Motorcycle Deliveries Commence

Powering the Pursang E-Track is an 11kW Bosch electric motor that sips juice from three 48V lithium-ion batteries. This translates to the equivalent of a punchy 15 horsepower. Now, this may not seem like much, however, given the instantaneous torque of electric motors, there's no doubt that the E-Track will make for quite a fun ride. Pursang has limited the top speed of the E-Track to 75 miles per hour, and has equipped it with three riding modes: Go, Cruise, and Boost. It even gets a nifty crawl mode, which allows you to push the bike with minimal electric assist. 

As far as range and battery power is concerned, the Pursang E-Track promises a 120 kilometer, or 75 mile range on a single charge. Likewise, it takes around six hours to fully charge all three 48V batteries. It gets a swanky full-color TFT display that shows speed, range, riding mode, engine power regeneration, and of course, battery life. It even gets smartphone connectivity, and can be connected via the Bosch mobile app. 

The Pursang E-Track is available at the E-Center showroom in The Netherlands starting at €14,499 or the equivalent of $17,652 USD. Earlier this month, we covered the E-Center, a collaborative venture between electric two-wheeler distributor, Electric Motorbikes, and EV website, The PACK. Apart from the Pursang E-Track, a number of other fresh and exciting players in the lightweight EV scene can be found at the E-Center. 

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