The two new bikes involve neither bulls nor tacos.

Once upon a time, there was a Bultaco Pursang—or rather, there were several of them, and they quickly took over the hearts and minds of enthusiastic young motocrossers everywhere. Eventually, Bultaco met its demise. It’s since been resurrected as a Spanish e-bike manufacturer—and now, the Pursang name is doing its own thing and making electric motorcycles.

Pursang’s rebirth as a company in its own right is mainly down to one man: Jim Palau-Ribes, who also is apparently responsible for the designs of the two bikes the company will introduce in 2020 and 2021. They’re not motocross bikes, but are instead electric scramblers. Palau-Ribes said he wanted to make bikes that motorcyclists could enjoy, but at the same time, not harm the environment. He doesn’t think those two things have to be mutually exclusive, and he's out to prove it with these bikes. 

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The 2020 Pursang E-Track officially launches in May 2020, and the company is taking reservations on its website for one of the just 60 that will ever be made on its website. This carbon fiber-wrapped motorbike is powered by an 11kW Bosch motor, which the company says has a range of 160 kilometers (or 99 miles), and a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour (or 74.5 miles per hour). Weight is 147 kilograms, or about 324 pounds. MSRP is €13,700, or US $14,776. 

An estimated date for the Pursang E-Street isn’t available yet, but it seems like this is meant to be the mass-market model. It’s powered by a Bosch 6kW motor, with a range of 100km (or 62 miles). Claimed top speed is also 100kmh, or 62mph—and the combination of these two stats makes them rather easy to remember.  Weight is 132kg, or 291 pounds. MSRP is €8,700, or US $9,383. 




It’s worth noting one other significant difference between the two models, according to a video Pursang posted on its Facebook. The E-Track’s battery is fixed, while the E-Street’s will be removable and chargeable off the bike. Despite the shorter range, that seems like a not-insignificant upgrade in terms of practicality for everyday use, depending on your living situation. 

Source: Pursang Motorcycles

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