Though it may not seem like it just yet, electric motorcycles are fast taking over the world, particularly in parts of Asia and Europe. Although we have yet to see the mainstream integration of electric two-wheelers in the U.S., it's just a matter of time until battery technology and charging infrastructure is able to keep up with the fast-paced, long-distance nature of travel on U.S. soil. 

In Europe, electric motorcycles are becoming more popular by the day. With the urban environments in countries like Sweden, Belgium, and Germany being ideal environments for the practical utilization of electric two-wheelers, it's only a matter of time until dinosaur-powered bikes become outnumbered. In fact, a massive hub for all things electric on two wheels has been born out of the collaboration between Electric Motorbikes, a dealer of electric two-wheelers based in The Netherlands, and The PACK, a major electric motorcycle-centric website based in Belgium.

E-Center Is A Multi-Branded Retail Center For Electric Bikes
E-Center Is A Multi-Branded Retail Center For Electric Bikes

E-Center, an impressive multi-brand retail channel based in the Netherlands carries an array of electric motorcycles across multiple manufacturers. With their flagship offering being machines from revolutionary electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles, E-Center also carries a number of up and coming electric bikes and makes them available across the Benelux. Brands such as Alrendo Motorcycles from China, Pursang Motorcycles from Spain, as well as Swedish electric bikes from RGNT, all have a place in the E-Center's showroom located at the heart of the Automotive Campus in Helmond. 

Other brands carried by the E-Center include off-road specific lightweight bikes from Sur-Ron, as well as retro-styled scooters from Etalian and NIU Scooters. Guy Salens, founder of The PACK, expressed his excitement towards the launch of the new retail channel. “The digital transformation is in full swing in the most diverse sectors. 2020 has pushed us into a new digital age where the online experience will permanently belong to the 'new normal'. This has accelerated the need for mobile communications between customers and businesses. This website is our solution with which we can build a strong online position in the Benelux."

With the launch of innovative electric-focused retail centers like E-Center, it's only a matter of time until the rest of the world takes bigger steps towards the integration of electric-powered vehicles to mainstream personal mobility. 


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