Ever since the start of the global pandemic early last year, many people began looking for alternatives to mass transportation systems such as buses, trains, and taxi cabs. Unsurprisingly, the bicycle and motorcycle industry saw a huge surge, particularly in Europe and Asia. So much so, that there continues to be a bicycle shortage all over the world, as well as a long waiting-list for certain brand new motorcycles. 

The Litelok Core Could Be The Last Bike Lock You’ll Ever Need

Unfortunately, as the number of fancy bicycles and motorcycles on the streets increases, so too do the pickings for thieves who like to keep an eye out on sketchy parking areas around towns and suburbs. It would come as no surprise that thieves have come up with pretty ingenious ways to steal other people's stuff. From drones to deception, these folks are up to no good. Thankfully, a startup by the name of Litelok has been hard at work to keep our beloved two-wheelers safe. While there are quite a number of solid and robust options when it comes to locks, oftentimes, these products are heavy, bulky, and impractical to carry around. 

Enter the Litelok Core, the startup's strongest and most versatile bike lock to date. Designed for both motorcycles and bicycles, the lock features the company's Boaflexicore Plus material which is made out of multiple strands of wire which are then held together by a steel-mesh casing. On top of this casing are multiple layers of textiles which give the product additional strength, and a soft surface to prevent scratching painted surfaces. All this safety tech comes at an incredibly lightweight package of just 2.5kg for the 125cm Litelok Core Moto. 

The Litelok Core Could Be The Last Bike Lock You’ll Ever Need

As of the moment, the company is looking for support on Kickstarter. If you'd be interested in supporting this project, you can head over to the link below. After numerous successful campaigns, the company has been able to raise quite an impressive amount of money. Hopefully we get to see the Litelok Core hit the market soon. 

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