Unless you stash your motorcycle in a private garage, chances are you’ll need some protection to get you through the night. Even on the busiest streets, bikes are susceptible to burglars under the cover of darkness. Locks and alarms help stave off the ill-intentioned but sirens aren’t always in earshot. To foil even the most fastidious thieves, motorcycle security brand Xena introduces the XX15 disc lock and equipped it with Bluetooth connectivity.

Featuring a robust locking mechanism within the highly-durable mono-bloc 304 stainless steel body, the XX15 disc stands as a formidable first line of defense. The 14mm carbide-reinforced pin resists impact and cutting tools while the double-locking system is pick-proof due to 250,000 possible locking combinations. The key and barrel mechanism is also resistant to ice sprays.


If the most persistent criminals are able to bypass the numerous locking safeguards, a 120-db alarm should alert those nearby to the nefarious activities. If that isn’t enough peace of mind, connectivity allows users to connect the security device to a smartphone via Xena’s app. Users can adjust alarm volume and timing as well as the sensitivity of both movement and shock sensors.

The app also reports battery life and includes an on/off option. With such flexibility, XX15 owners can tailor the security to their specific environment and situation. Even if thieves attempt to circumvent the lock by lifting the bike itself, the Xena will deliver a notification, giving you a fighting chance of intervening.

The do-it-all disc lock only weighs 1.7 pounds and the small footprint makes it easy to store in a pant pocket or side bag. The feature-laden XX15 carries a £110 ($153 USD) price tag. An affordable price for a premium disc lock and a whole lot cheaper than replacing your motorcycle.

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