July, 2020, may only have been two months ago but it feels like much longer, doesn’t it? In any case, that’s when we first told you about the ABUS GRANIT Detecto 8078 SmartX motorcycle lock. Made by the German security company ABUS, it’s a smart Bluetooth motorcycle brake disc lock that you manage entirely with your smartphone.  

During its initial July launch, it wasn’t sold in North America unless you bought it from a shop in Europe and had it shipped internationally. Fast-forward to September, 2020, and ABUS is now selling this lock on our side of the pond, as well. Motorcycle theft may not be quite as rampant here as it seems to be in the UK, but no one wants their bike stolen while they’ve left it parked somewhere.  

One idea behind this lock is that it’s one less physical key to have to deal with—and also, that the lock and phone app will work together to remind you that your lock is still on before you try to ride off with it attached. Once paired with your iOS or Android device, it’s also supposed to remember where the last locking location was, so it can help you find your bike if you forget where you parked. A 100dB alarm is instantly meant to trigger if anyone impacts or otherwise tries to move your bike in any way.  

Unsurprisingly, modern devices require modern charging cables, so you’ll also need to charge your ABUS lock via a USB-C charging cable in order to make use of its full range of capabilities. I have several questions about this, including: 

  • How long does a single charge last?  
  • Is the battery replaceable, either by a user or by you sending it back to ABUS to get a replacement installed? 
  • What happens if the battery dies while you’re parked somewhere?  
  • What happens if something happens to the phone you’ve paired with this lock, and you can no longer use it to talk to the lock? 
  • Can you only pair this lock with one phone, or can more than one person have access to it—say family or a friend? What if someone else needs to move your bike?  

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find out at least some of the answers to these questions when we review this lock in the not-too-distant future. If you know you want one of these, they’re currently available in four colors: red, yellow, forest green, and blue. ABUS also makes bicycle locks, and has an established dealer network at bicycle specialists across the continent. It’s unclear whether these dealers will also carry this lock, and/or if motorcycle shops will start stocking it as well. MSRP is $279.99.  

Source: ABUS 

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