Motorcycle theft is a plague and it seems that no matter how smart riders try to be about their motorcycle’s security, new generations of thieves manage to outsmart them. To try to counteract the phenomenon, manufacturers are constantly upping their game.   

Between stronger materials and smarter lock systems, every company is coming up with new and creative ways to keep motorcycles safe. For German security company ABUS, the latest innovation is a smart Bluetooth lock that you manage via your cellphone.  

The Granit Detecto SmartX 8078 system looks like your run-of-the-mill brake disc lock except it isn’t really—by that we mean that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Not only can the lock be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, but it also acts as an alarm system.   

The lock and the mechanism are made of hardened steel complete with a 13.5mm steel bolt. The SmartX technology allows the lock to connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity using the ABUS application. The locking mechanism is keyless which means there’s no lock to temper with—everything is operated through the user’s phone.   

Once the lock is installed on the bike and the system is armed, it locates its position and sends the information to the app so that the user can see on a map where they parked their motorcycle. Thanks to the ABUS 3D detection system, the lock can detect any small movement and vibration and immediately activate the 100dB alarm system. If the alarm successfully chases the thief away, the detection system recalibrates itself automatically which means the owner doesn’t have to step out to turn off the alarm.   

Don’t worry about the alarm going off while the lock is in your back or your pocket—it's only active when attached to the bike thanks to a clever automatic disc recognition system. Simply put, it has to be installed on the brake disc to be armed and ready. No disc, no alarm.   

The Granit Detecto SmartX 8078 sells for around $280 and while ABUS itself doesn’t have an online store, some online retailers sell its products and will ship to North America, including eBay UK.   

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