Live more. Fear Less. That’s a big promise, and the one attached to Limpet, the latest in smart anti-theft technology for our beloved two-wheelers. Geotekk seems quite confident that their integrated, comprehensive, geo-fence technology will be able to outsmart and out-maneuver relentless robbers.

For starters, the thief deterrent looks super cool and the geodesic shape, made of “impact-resistant polypropylene” makes it tamper-proof. The gemstone gadget flashes to let potential poachers know that it enabled, and also doubles as a beautiful bicycle taillight.

The Limpet, which is connected through a mobile app to your phone, communicates GPS coordinates and important information. The alarm is set off if someone attempts to relocate your ride or tackle the locking device, making it a loud and embarrassing proposition to pilfer, even more so when the owner of the vehicle arrives running, having received an alert on their phones about the attempt.

According to the flashy preview, the sound it emits if disturbed, is “piercing” and the activated LED strobes are “blinding”, a potentially effective perpetrator-disabling combination of sensory assaults.

For those who want to layer up, the Limpet can work in tandem with other locks and chains. On its own, the sensor can be programed to go off when it is moved. For motorcycles, the system is part of a solid bespoke throttle lock.


It’s not totally clear how much Limpet will cost at the moment. Sign up now and you’ll be alerted when the campaign starts on November 19th, and be among those able to buy the Limpet for 50% of the exclusive Kickstarter price of $167USD (so, $84 USD). However, that could be the cost of the simpler bicycle tracker/communicator. Since the motorcycle version comes as part of a specially designed throttle lock, it might cost more.

Sources: Geotekk

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