Unlike our four-wheeled cousins, motorcycles are so much more vulnerable. For one thing, motorcycle riders are at the mercy of the elements, and succumb so much more easily to road obstacles and hazardous conditions. Add to that, the mere fact that motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and only have two wheels make it significantly easier for bikes to be the victims of thieves either eyeing to steal some high end parts, or worse, the bike itself.

This is exactly what happened in a viral video that has circulated the web in India. Posted on Facebook by Surav Singhal, the video shows CCTV footage of an attempted robbery. The victim? A red Royal Enfield Classic 350. A popular choice among Indian motorcyclists, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 serves as a potential goldmine for motorcycle thieves. Due to the sheer volume of these bikes, it’s guaranteed that someone, somewhere will be in need of parts.

The video shows the thief alighting from a white SUV where his accomplice/s wait and watch him commit the crime. He approaches the parked Royal Enfield and proceeds to stick a screwdriver down the ignition. His accomplice later steps out of the SUV to lend a hand. The thief fumbles around until he manages to hotwire the bike and get the ignition on. We then see him attempt to kick start the bike before abruptly dropping it and high tailing back to the SUV.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the ones at fault here are the thieves. Nonetheless, in times like these, we must take it upon ourselves to safeguard our beloved steeds to whatever extent possible. India, and other developing countries have a big problem in terms of parking space. With more and more vehicles plying the streets, it goes without saying that parking becomes scarcer by the day. Blame it on poor urban planning, or lack of foresight on the owners, the fact remains that parking your vehicle beyond the premises of your property poses a strong temptation for thieves.

Yes, motorcycles come with their own security features such as handlebar locks, but that’s about it. As shown in the video, it’s all too easy for thieves with some mechanical knowhow to get past this security feature. Perhaps a rotor lock, or securing your motorcycle to a post or an anchor point on the ground would be enough of a deterrent for thieves.


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