Many motorcyclists dream of hopping aboard a MotoGP race bike but very few riders can actually realize that goal. The rest of us mortals have to wait for MotoGP technology to trickle down to the consumer market in the form of biplane winglets, electronic wizardry, and carbon fiber farkles. However, race-worthy prototypes typically take more time to move into production and pass homologation.

Unlike its petrol-powered counterparts, Energica enjoys a monopoly of the MotoE race series. Though the manufacturer had its woes at the outset, the Italian brand not only benefits from a marketing standpoint but can also harvest immense amounts of data from the 18-rider grid. Luckily, Energica is putting that feedback to good use in 2021 by introducing RS variants for each model in the company’s lineup.

Energica RS Models

Standing for Reparto Sportivo (Sports Department), the RS option will be available on the 2021 Energica EGO, , and EVA EsseEsse 9. The new drive mode will increase performance by decreasing 0-60 mph times to a blistering 2.6 seconds. Essentially a throttle map upgrade, RS versions will only alter the electronics package without impacting the electric motor or battery’s weight, capacity, or dimensions.


As the only faired sportbike of the bunch, the EGO+ RS also earns a Corsa Clienti Kit as a premium package in the new year. Headlined by suspension and Brembo calipers, the new collection brings the flagship model even closer to the MotoE prototype. The race-focused kit is undoubtedly aimed at getting more Energicas on the track despite the bike’s hefty 596-pound curb weight.

While the RS mode and Corsa Clienti Kit are exciting additions the Modena-based company’s portfolio, there’s no word on how the added performance will impact battery range. Pricing is yet to be announced as well, so more news should follow from Motor Valley’s electric wunderbrand. If the price is right, hopefully, more motorcyclist will realize their dream of throwing a leg over a MotoGP-worthy bike.

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