Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica has upgraded its Ego race motorcycle for 2020 and it’s just lovely. We’re waiting quite impatiently for their official introduction at EICMA in the upcoming days. Until then, Nico Rosberg tides us over with a pretty spectacular YouTube video of the new bike in action.

The original Ego, which Energica first introduced just a handful of years ago, helped the company make a name for itself. Dorma chose them as the single supplier for the race bikes in the MotoGP-supported MotoE FIM World Cup in 2019. While the race series had a few setbacks, the company is still going strong and its technology is at the top of the e-motorcycle game.

The current Ego, as equipped, boasts the electric motor equivalent of 145hp, and if you get the chance to ride one you believe every single one of those 107kW. CEO Livia Cevolini states in the video that the company’s goal is to be “just the same” as a petrol-fueled motorcycle. I can tell you from experience that the bike, and its engine, are not the same. This beast is vastly different. The test ride, though, taught me that I need not lament the eventual loss of a clutch or an internal combustion engine. The Ego’s magnificent performance more than made up for the lack of “rests” entwined throughout the ICE engine symphony. It is nearly silent, the power is relentless, and it is furiously giggle-inducing.

To give you an idea of just how instantly fast this bike is, it comes with a “park assistant” mode in which the bike is restricted to 1.74mph max speed (and the beauty of an electric motor is, it has reverse) just to make the bike easier to handle in a busy parking lot. With park assistant disabled, the bike is restricted to 150mph as sold to the public.

The 2020 model purports to be better in every way: larger battery capacity (coupled with, we hope, a longer range), more power, quicker charge times, lighter weight. The 2019 recharges on a fast charger to 85% in 20 minutes (or full capacity at a slower charge rate of around three-and-a-half hours). It’s still not as fast as filling your gas tank, but this tech is advancing almost in accordance with Moore’s Law. The electric vehicle renaissance is upon us, and we very much hope the 2020 numbers make sense for a good commuter and long-distance bike.

As is currently, the bike is fitted with fully-adjustable 43mm Marzocchi forks and Bitubo rear mono shock. It has double 330mm floating discs up front with 4-pot radial caliper brakes, and a single rear 240mm disc with a 2-pot caliper out back, all Brembo, and all equipped with Bosch switchable ABS. If Energica keeps it up, all of these features will only get better.

Source: YouTube, Energica, VisorDown

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