I’m sure by now you’ve heard the old saying: if an OEM makes a shiny new bike, the aftermarket will show up with a ton of accessories to make it yours. What, that isn’t a saying? Well, even if it isn’t, the phenomenon, we assure you, is very real. Take the long-awaited 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700. You’d expect a raft of crash bars, panniers, and other ADV kit—and you’d be right.  

What about performance mods, though? That’s where Yoshimura is coming in hot with its new RS-12 ADV slip-on exhaust. It features Yosh’s patent-pending Precision Taper Fit (PTF) insert system, so you can stick a sound insert or a spark arrestor inside with no trouble. It sports the exhaust maker’s Works Finish, which changes color after its first heat cycle to resemble the titanium works units that Yoshimura Factory racers use. Also, it offers increased fatigue strength, scratch, and stain resistance.  

Ah, but we haven’t told you about the actual performance gains Yosh says you can get when you install one of these. In company testing, max horsepower gain was 3.7 percent, alongside a 2.4 gain in torque! Naturally, the company also says it sounds pretty good—but of course, how you feel about an exhaust note can be subjective.  

Yoshimura RD-12 ADV Exhaust Closeup
Yoshimura RD-12 ADV Exhaust Carbon Fiber Cap

The asymmetrically-shaped main canister is capped off with a matte carbon fiber endcap and a stainless steel etched custom heel guard. Yosh does mention weight reduction as a benefit, but doesn’t give precise figures to illuminate how big a difference this installation might make over the stock unit. As a bonus, shape and proper fitment do give a little more room for your rear tire and brake caliper, though.  

Gallery: Yoshimura RD-12 ADV Exhaust

The unit is designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.S., and MSRP is $599. It comes with a one-year warranty, and Yosh is currently offering both free shipping on orders over $75, as well as a 0 percent financing offer.  

Source: Yoshimura 

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