Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 might be lightweight for an adventure bike, but seeing it in noted anti-gravity expert and enduro rider Pol Tarrés’ capable hands makes it seem downright chunky. After all, we’ve grown thoroughly used to seeing his gravity-defying antics on much slimmer, lighter enduro machines. How does the size and weight difference affect his riding? 

Although it’s a more meditative experience than 2019’s “Dominicana” short film, Tarrés teamed up with the Echevarria Brothers (who collectively call themselves the Who) once more to make this new short film, called “The Seeker.” He works plenty of magic with the Ten7, even if he can’t quite make it grow wings.  

Instead of feeling like a carefree mountain goat, Tarrés riding the Ten7 feels more like a bull digging at the ground a bit before it charges forward, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. Don’t get me wrong; he’s still doing plenty of things most people can’t do, and making the bike move in ways most people wouldn’t try. This Ténéré 700 is thoroughly put through its paces, and no mistake—one has to wonder if Yamaha’s own in-house testing was this rigorous. 

As we’re all no doubt aware, the riding skills you build up over time go with you to whatever bike you ride. It might look different due to various circumstances, not the least of which is going from a significantly smaller bike to a larger one. What’s interesting is seeing how those skills translate, and how when you’re as talented as Tarrés, you can manage to bend just about any bike to your will, and look like a complete badass while doing it.  

At one point, after a fuel stop, we see a close-up where he’s moving a boulder with a flat side. Is he worried about going over it? No, he’s creating a makeshift ramp to launch himself up over a fence that’s in the way. Is that an allegory for life, and using what you find on the ground to propel yourself over obstacles? Maybe it is, and maybe it’s a great motorcycle short, as well. Why not both? 

Source: YouTube 

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