By now, you’re probably well-acquainted with the gravity-defying antics of hard enduro rider Pol Tarrés. If you’re not, well, you should be. Then you can join us here at RideApart in our simultaneous awe and envy of the man’s clearly formidable set of skills.  

You don’t just wake up this good, even if you have loads of innate talent. No, even if you’re Tarrés, you have to spend every waking moment eating, breathing, and being one with your bike, as you’ll see in the heartwarming bike-warming montage contained within this video. Does he ever think of anything else? While we can’t read the guy’s mind, signs definitely point to ‘no.’  

That single-minded determination, combined with constant practice and skill, is why Tarrés can do things like climb up on top of a house with his bike. What’s that, there’s a kid in the neighborhood who got a ball stuck on a roof? No problem, just call this guy and see if he can get it down for you!  

Who needs an entire fire truck and ladder setup when you can just get a prodigiously talented hard enduro rider to leap up onto your roof, much like an agile mountain goat shot out of a cannon? No one, that’s who. There’s no word on whether he’s ever rescued any kittens from trees, but we’re quite sure that he could if he wanted to.  

Naturally, that leads to the question of whether there’s anything he can’t climb. Luckily, that’s addressed in this video as well, and it’s an important reminder that even the best riders have crashes. It’s how you deal with them and pick yourself up afterward that counts, and Tarrés is the kind of guy who just dusts himself off and climbs back on the bike. Since he seems to often ride with at least one GoPro on board, you might even see a video of him shrugging the whole incident off later, as you do here.  

This is an undeniably awesome video to watch, but it’s also a good reminder that if you really want to get good at something, you can’t give up, even if you fall down. Maybe most of us will never be as good as this guy, but that’s not the point. Keep going! 

Source: YouTube 

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