If you didn’t already know that Pol Tarrés is a former FIM Trials Junior World Champion, that fact probably shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest. While he still participates in select trials events, in 2019 he’s achieving greater recognition on a world stage in the World Enduro Super Series. In other words, climbing a tree on a Husqy and posting a video of it on his Instagram is probably one of the more normal parts of his everyday life.

No, that’s not all—not by a long shot. We’ve posted about the utter bonkers madness of the annual Erzberg Rodeo here before, but what if I told you that Tarrés posted onboard footage on YouTube from his entire running of the 2019 Erzberg Rodeo event? It’s an hour and 15 minutes, but if you love enduro and haven’t watched this yet, you definitely should. In any case, here's video of that guy climbing trees again:




When Tarrés retired from trials riding and announced his move over to enduro, some fans were inevitably saddened—but it’s hard to stay sad about much when the guy regularly turns around and does stuff like this (and then posts video about it).

The tree thing is super cool and all to us mere mortals, but when you’re basically a hard enduro master, I'd imagine you’re probably not all that bothered by it. Gravity, schmavity. I have absolutely no idea if this is true or not, but I would honestly not be surprised to learn that the dude sleeps very soundly while also completely upside down at night.

I'm sure that being born into the Tarrés family helped—after all, his uncle is the legendary Spanish trials rider Jordi Tarrés. In Pol’s case, a lifetime of practice since he was a tiny child has made for an incredibly talented rider to watch—and possibly also rescue your cat the next time that he or she gets stuck up a tree.

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