As soon as you clicked on this video, you knew what time it was. That’s right, it’s time to cue up your favorite synthwave playlist and get to work. Maybe you can’t just drop everything and take your retro enduro bike out to eat up a bunch of trails right now, but you can definitely dance it out like the rider does at the end of this video. 

Perhaps my favorite part of this entire composition is the fact that you can hear both the music AND the engine noise about as much as you’d want to. Someone mixed the audio on this piece in a thoughtful way, and since it seems like a lot of people don’t take the time, I’m all the more grateful for it. 

You don’t need to adjust your hold or your tracking to appreciate the ecstatic retro joy painted all over this video, in all its eye-searingly bright and completely period-appropriate colors. This whole thing is what jumping for joy looks and feels like, and if anyone ever asks, you can just save this link to show them. It’s only a little over three minutes, so it’s as nice and concise an explanation of sheer moto joy as you’re likely to find. 

It’s completely up to you whether you feel the need to dig up a ridiculous wig and headband before you go out to rip up the trails, but you know what? You do you. The whole point is having fun when you’re in the saddle, right? Every rider knows that even errands and chores become much more enjoyable when you’re riding off to do them. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride encourages everyone to dress up extra fancy before hitting the road, so why not throw on your best LA Gear and Ray-Bans and rip it up? Besides, super-bright, extra-high motocross boots never really went away.  

Source: YouTube 

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