We’re not completely sure, but we suspect the rough translation of the words “freestyle enduro” might be “jumping for joy.” At least, that’s a potential definition we’re seriously considering after watching superenduro rider Pol Tarrés take to the streets of the Dominican Republic with unparalleled frivolity. You want a video that instantly makes you understand the sheer joy of motorcycling? Folks, we’ve found it.

Clearly, it helps if you’re as talented as Tarrés. Watching a trials rider at the top of their game is like nothing else, and seeing this guy in particular tackle whatever he can find in the DR is simply incredible. Editing can do a lot, but if we were those kids watching Tarrés tear it up on his bike in person, we’d be smiling, too. This is the kind of video that you just want to stick in your back pocket for whenever you’re having a rough day. The kind where you can remind yourself of one incredibly important and simple thing: riding is joy. 

So what if it’s cold and terrible and salty outside where you are right now? It’s just a reminder to appreciate each and every beautiful day we have, wherever we are, and whenever we get them. Repeat after me: A day outside on two wheels is never a day wasted. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a championship-winning trials and/or enduro rider. That’s not really the point, even if it is awfully fun to watch. 

No, the point is appreciating opportunities as you find them, and not letting them pass unnoticed, because we’re occupied with other concerns. Chances are, if you ride a bike, you’re already very familiar with this idea. As we roll toward the New Year, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that even though we could each probably spend hours explaining why we ride, everything we need to say about it is the feeling you’ll find by watching this video. 

Happy holidays, happy New Year, and happiest riding to you all. May you have many more beautiful days ahead.

Source: YouTube

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