Now that Yamaha’s ultra-accessible 2021 Ténéré 700 is finally here, are you looking for a few bits and pieces to upgrade your experience? If so, Touratech has been hard at work developing a whole range of goodies to enhance your off-roading journeys from the ground up.  

Let’s start with the most important part: the suspension. For shorter riders, there’s a 35mm (or about 1.5-inch) lowering spring and linkage kit. You can also just get the lowering spring set separately, with no linkages involved. Price range from US $229 to $349. 

Meanwhile, for riders who want more pre-load adjustment when they’re carrying stuff, Touratech offers two separate rear shocks that both have 15mm of preload adjustment. Every shock sent out by the company features a custom spring suited to the rider’s weight. You can get either the Explore HP, which is simply an upgrade from the stock shock, or the Extreme if you want a remote reservoir that has floating piston and high/low speed damping adjustment. Both of these options come in a standard form as well as a 35mm lowering form where needed. Prices range from US $1,195 to $1,795.  

What about your front suspension? Touratech also offers a closed cartridge to separate oil and air and prevent foaming, even in super harsh environments. It has fully adjustable compression, rebound, and pre-load as well. Like the rear shock options, it’s available in standard and 35mm lowering versions. MSRP is $1,795.  

Not ready to do a full suspension upgrade just yet? That’s fine, Touratech has you covered there, as well. If you’re just looking for a little something to tweak your Ten7, there’s a range of progressive fork and shock springs you can purchase. Fork spring kits also come with application-specific fork oil to make installation a little easier. Prices range from $149 to $389.  
Touratech also offers skid plates, crash bars, a range of guards for just about everything you’d want to guard on this bike, pannier systems, and plenty of soft luggage as well. Whether you’re actively shopping or just looking to see what’s out there, you can check out the full range here

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