To say that anticipation of the 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700 has been strong would be a bit of an understatement. While it’s positioned as an entry-level middleweight adventure bike, that’s by no means something negative. I mean, if you’re trying to encourage curious riders to dip a toe into riding off-road, giving them a capable bike that neither breaks the bank nor weighs a million pounds is a great way to do it.  

Putting months of speculation to an end, Yamaha announced that the Ténéré 700 will officially hit the U.S. beginning in the first week of June, 2020. The Blu Crew broke this news on May 22, 2020, which is coincidentally also when we’re writing this. Guys, that is SO SOON. 

In fact, if you’ve already indicated your interest in this bike via Yamaha’s website or through your local Yamaha dealer, you may already know that Team Blue is officially taking orders for the Ten700 right now, as you’re reading this. MSRP is $9,999 for your choice of three colors for 2021: Ceramic Ice, Intensity White, or Matte Black. You may also want to check out its full specs here 

Gallery: 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700

Directly from Yamaha, anyone purchasing a 2021 Ténéré 700 can also add on one of two accessory packs: The Rally Pack or the Tour Pack. Both come with main stands and engine guards. The Rally Pack also comes with a skid plate, radiator protector, chain guide, mono-seat rack, and a tank pad. Meanwhile, the Tour Pack comes with side case stays and a set of lockable side cases. All of these individual accessories for the Ten700 are listed separately on Yamaha’s website, but no special package price for either of these options is currently listed.  

Could this baby Ténéré roll in to fill the gaping hole left in the hearts of KLR650 enthusiasts after their favorite bike was killed off? Will it ignite new fires in a new bunch of off-road riders around the country and across the world? Neither of those options would be a bad thing, that’s for sure. Buying a new bike counts as self-care, doesn’t it? Right. 

Source: Yamaha 

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