Stuntman, Red Bull aficionado, Vespa rider, and EXXXXXXXXXXXTREME 90s throwback caricature Günter Schachermayr is back, you guys! Not content to rest on his laurels after jumping out of a hot air balloon at altitude while strapped to a Vespa (admittedly, that was rad), the Austrian madman as released a new EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTREME BRAH stunt video wherein he *checks notes* goes parasailing!

Yeah, parasailing brah! Now, to be fair, Schachermayr is strapped to his Vespa again in this video, but still... Being dragged behind a boat over a pleasant Austrian lake is a bit, shall we say, low-impact after the balloon stunt. It's still a stunt though, so let's talk about what's going on here.

Shot somewhere in, I assume, lovely Austria, the video starts with Schachermayr and his trusty Vespa being yanked out of a lake by a speed boat. Scooter and rider quickly gain altitude, Schachermayr mugs for the camera and pounds a Red Bull, and then it just ends. The video is a scant 49 seconds long and honestly, not much happens in it.

I don't know if this "stunt" was a contractural thing or what, but it's pretty underwhelming. The aforementioned balloon video was absolutely stunning, so I don't know why this one is so, well, tame. Plus, if I'm honest, the whole time I was watching all I could think (other than that Schachermayr seems like a real handful) was that poor Vespa. Drowning a potentially good machine just for a pretty anodyne stunt is bad form, man. What'd that scooter ever do to him that he had to go and do that? I guess we'll never know, but it must have been real bad to deserve that kind of treatment.

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