Perhaps inspired by the ongoing relationship between Jack Daniels whiskey and Indian Motorcycles, both iconic American brands, Smokehead scotch (and Islay single malt) has teamed with bike builder Tyler Lunceford to create a single “bespoke” Smokehead Ducati.

The first and only video they have released, above, is just an intro, with promises to bring us along for the build.

Lunceford is known as the “Ducati Whisperer”; he worked as a Ducati technician in a dealership for seven years before striking out on his own with a shop in Brooklyn. He has since opened a location in Edinburgh, Scotland, where this Smokehead build will take place.

We know that it will be called “The Smoker.” We know he’s using a Ducati as the starting point for the build, that it will be one of a kind, it’s inspired by vintage racing bikes, and will be his “boldest motorcycle ever.”

Everything else is conjecture.

“I’m excited to be involved with Smokehead.” says Lunceford. “I love the idea of this brand supporting craftsmen and women, and it’s even better as I’m a huge Smokehead whisky fan.

Motorcyclists have an identity; they feel independent and different from other people. When you find something you like, such as a bold, smoky, outrageous whisky that is not for everyone, it gives you a sense of belonging when it is for you.” He goes on, “I’m literally building my dream bike; it will be something that’s never been seen before, something so bold that even motorbike buffs will be blown away. It won’t be easy, but it’s a great opportunity to make something really special.”

The completed bike is scheduled to be unveiled this coming September. We don’t know which Ducati he’s starting with. And perhaps Google is failing me, but while several sources say Lunceford has “customized bikes for many obsessive bikers and rock stars” I am finding very few pictures of the builds he’s done. His Instagram (@north_motorcycle) is full of motorcycle repairs. Readers, is your Google-fu better than mine? Can you dig up any good builds he’s done, apart from the one on the front page of his very minimalist web page?

At the very least we’ll all be waiting for the next video to come out so we can get some clues about his latest build.

Source: VisorDown, YouTubeEdinburgh News, North Motorcycle

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