The next-level Jordan.

If you were a kid in the 90s, chances are that at one point in your life, you’ve dreamed about a pair of “Jordans”—the Chicago Bulls star player who made everyone believe humans could indeed fly. Back in the day, Jordans became the accessory kids were asking Santa and putting money in the piggy bank for. The Nike sub-brand was the epitome of fly and to this day, you’d be hard pressed not to find a 90s kid who doesn’t have fond memories of the sneakers. While Air Jordans are still technically a thing today, the mystique surrounding the brand draws more from nostalgia than real hype. Now that the Jordan era kids are all grown up, they need something more adapted to their needs and dreams. They (apparently) need an Air Jordan motorcycle.

German clothes retailer BSTN has teamed up with customization shop IMPULS to come up with the bike we don’t need but that will certainly hit some people right in the nostalgia, the BSTN Ducati 916 Concord. As the name suggests, the unique piece brings together two icons from the 90s: Nike’s Air Jordan XI Concord sneaker introduced in 1995 and the Ducati 916, an apparently perfect combination the celebrate the re-release of the Jordan Concord.

While a motorcycle might seem like a silly (and unrelated) promotional item for a pair of basketball shoes, BSTN was actually inspired by Michael Jordan’s love of motorcycle racing to come up with the concept. The bike sports a black and white livery, representing the shoes’ color scheme, decorated with the number “45”, Jordan’s number on the court. The transparent rubber hand grips represent the shoe’s clear sole.

BSTN Ducati 916 Air Jordan Concord
BSTN Ducati 916 Air Jordan Concord

The usually sexy fairing of the bike has been replaced by a curve-less shell designed with a headlight that reminds me of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge’s visor in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The shock-mounted, upswept saddle gives the bike a bit of a “swoosh” silhouette (*cough* Nike?) and the stitching reproduces the Concord’s top cushiony design. The brake discs have been engraved with Jay-Z “Back like 45” lyrics and some components have even been 3-D printed.

The bike isn’t going on sale or anything (no mention of an auction for the time being). It was apparently strictly a marketing stunt to “decorate” the return of the two-decade-old model. Oh, and if you want to get your hands on the $220 sneakers, they’re sold out on the online Nike store.

Source: BSTN


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