I can't think of a better symbol of the way they do things down south. Watching these videos you can almost hear someone scream (over the sound of the bikes) "Hold my beer and watch this!!!"

This type of racing is perfect. It's a cocktail of one part tractor pull, one part motorcycle dirt track race, and one part drag race; it's literally like a high speed, head to head tractor pull on unlimited nitro burning motorcycles.

These are pretty much the same machines still being run in asphalt drag racing—Kawasaki KZ1000 and Suzuki GS1000 motors with wicked huge over bores in them, NOS, and sometimes a turbo or a blower.

Top Fuel Dirt Drag Bikes - The New Symbol of Southern Pride

This "Fire and Ice" #777 bike is a retired, top fuel asphalt drag bike. According to the Ron Webb Racing site (who originally built it), it puts out 1000hp! In 2013, it set a record of 4.44 seconds over 500ft of dirt, at nearly 150mph!

Just to be different, there are some V-twins in the mix too, but you can bet there are no factory Harley parts in that motor. This thing launches so hard and loud it will actually scare you.

Top Fuel Dirt Drag Bikes - The New Symbol of Southern Pride

Here's another crazy looking and sounding V-twin running.

The pit crew guy gets out of there like he just lit the fuse on a stick of dynamite, which is not too far from the truth. These bikes are putting out 500 or more horsepower with nitro-methane fuel, and if you have ever seen a dragster blow up, it's pretty spectacular.

YouTube user Dixie Dirt Draggers has a bunch of motorcycle and quad dirt drag videos on his page that he has shot over the past three years in and around West Virginia. Here's another one:

And those were just practice runs.

The story goes that guys got tired of waiting for their run up the hill at a hill climb event, so they started racing head-to-head on a nearby flat dirt lot. The rest is motorsports history.

Don't blame me if you waste an hour or more watching these videos on Dixie Dirt Draggers page

(Photos and videos all via Dixie Dirt Dragger's YouTube page).

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