The fun about a drag race is the element of surprise: that car or that bike that looks like nothing and like it’s about to take the beating of a lifetime that turns out to be a real sleeper and ends up smoking its seemingly more capable opponent. A true quarter mile Hollywood scenario unfolding in 10 seconds or so. You think that pitting a Harley-Davidson against a Suzuki supersport is unfair? This guy would beg to differ.

The video was published on Monday and shows a drag race between the epitome of the sportbike, a 300-horsepower Suzuki Hayabusa, and a Harley. Without any context, as they make their way to the start line, you can’t help but think this could be a frog and ox kind of situation and that the Harley is about to get served.

What is waiting at the start line of the right-hand side corridor, however, isn’t just another cruiser—it looks like a Harley-Davidson V-Rod (your guess on the model-year is as good as mine). With its steep rake angle, long wheelbase, exposed tubular frame, and quirky silhouette, this is one muscle cruiser that deserved a lot of respect. Not only did the manufacturer went as far as to produce a drag-race special edition of the model (the Destroyer—that’s how muscular it was), this one has also been modded to push 250 ponies.

The Harley rider didn’t exactly smoke his opponent. If we’re going to be technical, the rider on the Suzuki wasted time with his off the start wheelie and still managed to catch up to the Rod in the end, but admit it. You thought fitting the Harley with a wheelie bar was overkill until you saw the near-700lb bike front wheel lift at take off.

There’s a 100lb and 50hp difference between the two bikes in favor of the Suzuki and the Rod put up a fight. It might not have won, but this V-Rod gave the Busa a run for its money and that’s saying quite a bit.

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