Note that this video contains some strong language—guys having fun equates to some moderate swearing.

We’re used to drag races pitting some of the most powerful vehicles on two and four wheel out there against one another. The whole point is to beat the other to the finish line and record the best time. But small bikes can be fun too, especially when you’re able to get your hands on five 200cc and under models for a 800-feet run. Who do you put your money on?

The guys at BRS Shoaib had some proper fun racing a Yamaha YXF-R15, Yamaha MT-15, Bajaj Pulsar NS200, TVS Apache RTR200 and a KTM Duke 125 on let’s call it a tenth of a mile drag race. All five models aren’t available on the North American market—TVS Apache and Bajaj Pulsar don’t even have roots on this continent, which makes the race extra interesting.

Granted, the five guys involved in the drag race are no pros, so there are some missteps and underwhelming take offs, but watching them go on their tiny bikes makes us want to jump on a set of 125s and have our own race. Or maybe that’s just me.

The perk of an 800-feet run is that the winner is quickly determined and you get to go two rounds since the strip is long-enough to accommodate the tiny drag race. On the first round, the Apache seemingly has the advantage on the take off and for the first few seconds before the R15 and the NS200 catch up. While there’s no clear marking indicating the end of the first run, the Bajaj seemingly wins the first round.

For the second round, the guys swap bikes before lining up for their second take off. This time, the little R15 takes the lead. That is until the Bajaj smokes him on the last half. If this video is any indications of the NS200’s capabilities, there’s a model we’re sorry not to have on our market!

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