If there's one thing all motorcyclists love, it's new gear. There's just something about the feeling of getting a package in the mail that gets you excited for an adventure on your bike. And for the 2024 riding season, Dutch brand REV'IT! has released not one, but two new adventure-touring suits that focus on safety, comfort, and versatility.

Hitting the road and trails for an adventurous ride necessitates specialized gear that’s not only protective, but breathable and mobile, all while being able to withstand sudden changes in weather and climate. This is what REV'IT! promises with its new Tornado 4 H2O suit.

Consisting of a jacket and pants combo, the Tornado 4 features a three-layer design that focuses on versatility in all weather conditions.

REV'IT! Tornado 4 H2O Adventure Gear

REV'IT! Tornado 4 H2O Adventure Gear

The jacket comes with a lightweight Hydratex layer that can be used as a rainshell. There’s also a detachable full-sleeve thermal liner for when temperatures plummet. The jacket itself, however, is constructed out of a lightweight mesh material for increased ventilation during summer months.

So, technically speaking, you have three jackets in one—a mesh summer jacket, a waterproof rain jacket, and a thermal jacket.

REV'IT! Tornado 4 H2O Adventure Gear

REV'IT! Tornado 4 H2O Adventure Gear

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The Tornado 4 pants feature similar tech as they get a Hydratex membrane and inner thermal liner. Mesh elements from the butt to the calves ensure breathability, too, while a stretchy waistband keeps the fit nice and relaxed for longer trips on the saddle. Stretchy sections of fabric have also been incorporated above the knees for extra comfort and mobility.

Up next, we have the Airwave 4, an evolution of REV'IT!'s Airwave technology designed for maximum comfort and ventilation.

The Airwave 4 now boasts AA certification thanks to its enhanced impact and abrasion resistance qualities. Even better yet, Rev'It somehow managed to make it even more breathable by enlarging the perforated stretchy panels across the upper chest. The sides and back of the jacket feature an abundance of 3D air mesh and PWR shell mesh fabric for increased ventilation, too.

REV'IT! Airwave 4 Adventure Gear
REV'IT! Airwave 4 Adventure Gear

The matching Airwave 4 pants feature the same tech and AA certification, and comes with a stretchy waistband and a convenient Cobrax button closure. An improved knee design ensures natural-feeling range of motion. It’s worth mentioning that Rev'It recommends sizing down, as the stretchable fabric and lightweight composition may make the garments more loose-fitting than otherwise.

As for how REV'IT!'s gear does in the real world, Executive Editor Jonathon Klein has been playing with the brand's Echelon jacket, taking it with him on his first ride of the new Honda Transalp and came away wowed. He ran the jacket through the Pennsylvania Wilds BDR/X course where he went through waist-deep puddles. And while his pants got soaked, his top half remains comfortably warm and dry. 

As technology advances, the needs and preferences of riders continue to evolve. More than just safety, comfort and style plays a bigger role than ever before, especially in the adventure and touring segments, where having adaptable gear is nothing short of essential. Rev'It’s new offerings are particularly interesting here, as they give riders the option to configure their gear depending on the type of riding they’ll be doing, all while keeping up with the latest safety standards.

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