You may be familiar with Denago as a manufacturer of affordable electric bicycles. Indeed, if you take a look at its official website, you’ll find a wide selection of e-bikes covering the bases from cargo e-bikes, e-MTBs, trekking e-bikes, and even fat-tire e-bikes. As it would turn out, Denago’s looking to expand from just making e-bikes and transform itself into a full-on powersports company.

According to multiple reports from powersports dealers and specialists, Denago is set to release a new ATV called the Daytona 250. Although official information on Denago’s new Daytona 250 has yet to be revealed, as the company’s powersports-focused landing page is still under construction as of this writing, DirtWheels was able to uncover some of the new model’s juicy specs. Assuming all these are to be true, we could have quite an exciting quad targeted at a younger audience.

New Denago Daytona 250 FI Is A Punchy Quad That's Ready To Rip

The new Denago Daytona 250 is a punchy ATV suitable for riders aged 14 and up. 

The new Denago Daytona 250 is said to be a sport ATV for young riders aged 14 years and up. It throws in a grown-up experience thanks to its manual four-speed gearbox complete with a reverse gear. Like its bigger counterparts, the Daytona 250 sends power to the rear wheels via a chain final drive. As for the engine, well, it packs a punch with a 249cc, fuel-injected, four-stroke motor, ensuring that both young and young-at-heart riders have lots of room to grow into the riding experience.

Denago Hunting E-Bike

Denago also has a selection of electric bicycles. 

The Daytona 250 also gets some premium underpinnings, suggesting that it’s capable of handling some pretty rough riding. For starters, it gets dual front A-arms mated to adjustable shocks. The rear end is also treated to adjustable suspension components, and the quad comes to a confident stop thanks to all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Beginner riders also get the convenience of an electric starter, making restarting the motor as easy as the push of a button should they ever find themselves stalling in the middle of the trail. For extra safety, the Daytona 250 gets a tethered safety lanyard and a manually adjustable speed-limiter.

Pricing-wise, Denago is expected to retail the Daytona 250 for a rather attractive price of $2,499 USD. For the price, you get a compact ATV that’s pretty much ready to go wherever you and your youngsters are. As mentioned earlier, Denago’s Powersports website is still under construction, but we can expect a bunch of new models to hit the market alongside the launch of the company’s site.

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