Chinese motorcycle and powersports specialist CFMoto has been making waves in the global market recently. After launching in the US, its bikes have been met with generally positive reviews, presenting themselves as value-for-money offerings with impressive tech and performance in their respective segments. 

Among CFMoto's products are two new motorcycles designed for kids. The electric minibikes, called the CX-2E and CX-5E, are designed to give young riders a solid platform to learn the ropes with. CFMoto says that the new electric bikes are designed to build essential riding skills, fostering safety and enjoyment in young riders. Let's take a look at each of the bikes in more detail. 

New CFMoto CX-2E And CX-5E Kids Dirtbikes Launched

Let's begin with the CX-2E. The kid-friendly electric motorcycle is CFMoto's entry-level model, designed for young riders aged four to seven years. This beginner-friendly electric bike, designed with safety and enjoyment in mind, is ideal for children who are supervised by a parent or guardian. It has a maximum power of 1200-watts, 10-inch wheels, hydraulic disc brakes all around, and a magnetic safety lanyard that instantly turns off the bike in the event of a fall or crash.

Meanwhile, CFMoto introduces the CX-5E for riders aged eight to 12 who are eager to advance their skills. This bigger model has a 1,500-watt maximum power, higher ground clearance, and 14/12-inch wheels, providing a unique dirt bike experience designed to assist young riders refine their off-road riding abilities.

New CFMoto CX-2E And CX-5E Kids Dirtbikes Launched
New CFMoto CX-2E And CX-5E Kids Dirtbikes Launched

In terms of technology, both the CX-2E and CX-5E flaunt premium components such as a high-strength cradle steel tube frame, alloy wheels and front and rear disc brakes for confident and reliable stopping power. The motors consist of 48-volt, BLDC units which integrate a controller for fine-tuned adjustments of power output as their skills progress. Both bikes are powered by a 48-volt, 24-amp-hour battery pack with a 1,152-watt-hour capacity. The swappable battery is said to offer 37 miles (60 kilometers) on a single charge. 

In terms of cost and availability, CFMoto's CX-2E and CX-5E electric minibikes will be available in Australia in late September, 2023. The CX-2E has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $2,190 AUD ($1,418 USD), while the CX-5E has a suggested retail price of $2,490 AUD ($1,611 USD). CFMoto hasn't said whether the two kid-friendly e-bikes will be marketed in other areas, so stay tuned for additional price and availability details on the new bikes.

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